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April 2007

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I just added the net-im/pidgin-2.0.0beta7 package to the portage tree. Its the continuation of net-im/gaim. Only two of the plugins that we have in portage (pidgin-rhythmbox and pidgin-extprefs) have released versions that are compatible with the new name. When most of them (at least the most popular ones) are released, I will add a gaim-9999 ebuild that depends on net-im/pidgin to help the transition. Then, some time after the final version of pidgin 2 is released, I will add gaim and all non ported packages to package.mask then remove them from the tree. That will also allow us to cleanse the tree of unsupported packages.

Collabora has provided me with a new computer: a ThinkPad x60s. Its really nice, extremely light and the battery lasts for a very long time (enough to fly to Europe!). On the inside, it’s almost all Intel, which means that there are Free drivers for everything (now that iwlwifi has been released). Well actually, not everything, one small chip resists, the modem. But it seems to be supported by Linuxant’s hsfmodem (not that I would use it). Did I say that suspending, both to RAM and to disk works like a charm? Hot-plugging an external display also works great with Xrandr 1.2 (again, thanks Intel!). And everything I needed to make it work is right there, in our Portage tree.

Deux de mes amis se sont alliés pour faire un caricaturoblog. Allez le voir (pas pour les gens facilement insultables!).


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