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July 2008

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There seems to be this new fad at adding tabs, but GnomeICU has had them for years, since 2002. You guys are like sooo late.

GnomeICU has tabs

5 answers to “GnomeICU at the forefront of tabs”

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They may be late, but I’ve never used GnomeICU because of the tabs. I really don’t like ’em everywhere. Who needs tabs for a calculator? A tetris game? I hope that GNOME 3.0 don’t go that route. 🙁

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Tabs are a hideous hack. Who needs the titles of their open windows listed persistently across the top of their screen? It takes up space and it takes ages (neurally) to move first your eyes, then the mouse pointer to the right tab.

Why not use context-menus or something for this?

[…] to add tabs to all of the gnome applications. What is this rush about tabs? Take a look at these posts. But guys I don’t understand, why didn’t you add some basic tab features to […]

[…] This particular GnomeICU quote amplifies my disdain: GnomeICU has had them for years, since 2002. You guys are like sooo late. […]

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> I think you seem to have missed the joke (maybe its a bit of a inside joke for people who were at Guadec, but still). Yes, GnomeICU has had tabs for years, and its not a great UI. And yes, GnomeICU is mostly dead, I know, I’m the non-maintainer and I work on Telepathy stuff.

Actually, not quite. I understand that tabbing ‘joke’ before posting (which isn’t that interesting in my opinion). Indeed I misunderstood GnomeICU situation, and I apologize for that. However, I still stand by the things described in rest of my post. Users truly believe they will do stuff that stupid, but they STILL try to act as if that reaction is funny. It’s a warning instead. They just don’t give people any confidence that they produce something useful.

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