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July 2010

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A couple months ago, Facebook announced announced that their chat system would also be available through XMPP. So it is possible to just configure it like any other Jabber server on a N900. And then to merge Facebook contacts with other contacts and it the address book will store it as a field of type “X-JABBER”.  Since the PR1.2 version of Maemo5, Nokia has added a specific profile for Facebook to the N900 software. But instead of calling the address book field “X-JABBER”, they created a “X-FACEBOOK” field (since Facebook Chat is not XMPP in the backend, it can not talk to other Jabber servers). So if you remove your old Jabber account and re-add it as a Facebook account and use Marco’s contact merger to merge back the contacts. You’re still stuck with a bunch of extra “X-JABBER” fields in your contacts. So to clean them up, I wrote a really simple program to remove them. It is based on Marco’s jid-to-email program. You can get the source code or a precompiled binary. You can just put the binary on your N900 and run it from the Terminal as “~/MyDocs/remove-old-facebook” (if you put it in the N900’s documents root). Be warned that is is not a good example like Marco’s code, I stripped all error handling and it never frees anything. If you want a good example, look at Marco’s code.

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Did you also notice that Marco’s code don’t check for X-FACEBOOK? I did some patches to fix that:

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